The Alchemist on Chemistry

The Alchemist hears of a downside to graphene emerging from calculations on defects in less than crystalline forms of the material that could have implications for its applications, we also pick up on protective polymer spacesuits for fruit flies, the missing link in medical samples and how electrons can be used to watch atoms move […]

Alchemist Newsletter

Once again, the Alchemist is looking for the green option, with carbon dioxide set to become a feedstock for acrylate. In efforts to combat malaria we learn that resistance is not futile after all. Europeans have found a way to make thin films of organic molecular magnets, while US researchers reveal that the Lyme disease […]

The next big thing in mass spectrometry | Chemistry World

The next big thing in mass spectrometry | Chemistry World – It's not quite the ‘elephant in the room’, but an 18 megadalton viral assembly is perhaps the biggest thing in the mass spectrometer (MS). Dutch and US researchers have used quadrupole time-of-flight (QToF) native MS to investigate intact capsids from a bacteriophage – a […]