Study on Element Could Change Ballgame on Radioactive Waste

Groundbreaking work by a team of chemists on a fringe element of the periodic table could change how the world stores radioactive waste and recycles fuel. The element is called californium — Cf if you’re looking at the Periodic Table of Elements — and it’s what researchers called “wicked stuff.”

Periodic Table? There’s an app for that

Who wouldn’t want a virtual chemistry set? Well, James Rota couldn’t imagine a world without one and developed an iOS app based on his novel format for the Periodic Table, the “Rota Period”. It looks like he came up with this new format back in 2006, although I’d not seen it until Rota emailed me […]

A periodic table debate

Should chemists refer to the Periodic Table of the elements or the Periodic System? via Is it the periodic table or the periodic system? ยป Periodic Table with names.