A new gold standard for nano

Characterising gold nanoparticles at atomic resolution might improve our understanding of the catalytic activity of these materials, according to an international team. These researchers (Kornberg et al) have now demonstrated that it is possible to use electron microscopy to obtain data on at least one gold cluster of greater than 1 nm diameter and to […]

Alchemist on ChemWeb.com

This week, The Alchemist learns how a salt could rock the world of lithium batteries, there is a chemical correction for an anticancer compound we hear, and news from Australia on how Martian minerals might have formed. In bio news, a new interpretation of the genetic code and in nano news, the smallest, longest-running nanomotor. […]

Hybrid nanomaterials to replace human tissue

Research Paves Path for Hybrid Nano-Materials That Could Replace Human Tissue or Today’s Pills | NYU-Poly – A team of researchers has uncovered critical information that could help scientists understand how protein polymers interact with other self-assembling biopolymers. The research helps explain naturally occurring nano-material within cells and could one day lead to engineered bio-composites […]