The Alchemist Newsletter

This week, The Alchemist hears chemical clicking in the DNA lab, wonders about safer lithium batteries, learns how a plant virus might improve medical scanning, and muses on an ancient world without oxygen. In future materials, a boron-based cousin for graphene might soon be on the way. Finally, Arctic chemical research receives funding amounting to […]

Pre-festive Alchemist

The Alchemist learns how materials scientists are taking inspiration from peel to make better structural aluminum, a Coloumbic explosion can reveal absolute configuration and how to achieve crystalline perfection. In the bio world, crystallography, we hear, offers new insights into DNA polymerase enzymes and clues to certain cancers and iron could be the green industrial […]

Detailed genome images

Detailed image shows how genomes are copied – Umeå University, Sweden – For the first time, researchers at Umeå University have succeeded in showing how the DNA polymerase epsilon enzyme builds new genomes. The detailed image produced by these researchers shows how mutations that can contribute to the development of colorectal cancer and cervical cancer […]