Environmentally Compatible Organic Solar Cells

Environmentally compatible production methods for organic solar cells from novel materials are in the focus of “MatHero”. The new project aims at making organic photovoltaics competitive to their inorganic counterparts by enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cells, reducing their production costs and increasing their life-time. See http://www.kit.edu/downloads/pi/KIT_PI_2014_046_Umweltfreundliche_Herstellung_Organischer_Solarzellen.

Global scientific team ‘visualizes’ a new crystallization process

By combining a synchrotron’s bright X-ray beam with high speed X-ray cameras, scientists shot a ‘movie’ showing how organic molecules form into crystals. This is a first. Their new techniques will improve our understanding of crystal packing and should help lead to better electronic devices as well as pharmaceuticals — indeed any product whose properties […]

Making New Materials an Atomic Layer at a Time

Researchers have shown the ability to grow high quality, single-layer materials one on top of the other using chemical vapor deposition. This highly scalable technique, often used in the semiconductor industry, can produce new materials with unique properties that could be applied to solar cells, ultracapacitors for energy storage, or advanced transistors for energy efficient […]