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Do you run a scientific website? Would you like to offer you visitors a little bit more than a basic Google search box? Then try the Chemspy inline search tools below. They allow direct and easy access to our database shortcuts. As a special service developed small database shortcut boxes that can be easily included in your site. Just select the appropriate code below and paste into a suitable place on your homepage.

This is our general database shortcut box. It can be added to your site just by adding the following line of javascript (on a single line) in your html code.

For a more specialist search box, use the following javascript, this runs our MSDS shortcut box.

To search chemistry journals from the major publishers (ACS, RSC, Elsevier, Spring, Wiley) use the following javascript, this runs our chemistry journals search shortcut box.

The service is entirely free to genuine users, but do please let us know if you add the shortcut boxes to your site.

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