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  • All new IUPAC Gold Book reports that the infamous IUPAC Gold Book has finally been brought into the 21st Century and is now taking "full advantage of new technologies based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and provides efficient ways of browsing, searching, and simply using this reference." We'll be updating our Gold Book search tool shortly.
  • CiteXplore
    New from the Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge - CiteXplore - cross-linking the biomedical scientific literature with molecular databases.
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    Isn't it about time you caught up with the rest of the world? Sign up for the ChemSpy newsfeed and find out what's going down on the top chemical searching and database portal without even having to visit the site! Of course, you'll need to come back if you want to use our extensive search tools that bring together e-Molecules, ChemRefer, Intute Chemistry and a whole lot more! Just click the link to open your news aggregator or if you've got a savvy browswer it will guide you on how to subscribe with My Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines and others.
  • Bio joins Ruby on the Rails
    BioRails is a new open source study & test management solution designed for biologists working in drug discovery research. It has been specifically designed to support biologists working in in vivo and therapeutic research areas.
  • Chemistry Central Journal Launches
    A new open access outlet for chemists? peer reviewed research was launched today. Chemistry Central Journal. Publisher BMC says, the journal is the first international open access journal covering all of chemistry and will publish its first issue early in 2007.
  • Top Ten Chemical Searches
    The top searches on Chemspy reflect some of the fairly obvious interests of our readers as well as some of the more esoteric: imidacloprid formulations, anthracene, sulfuric acid, basic information of stereospecific compound, m-CPBA, terpenoids, Dynacco Inc, Polyvinyl Alchohol manufacturer, stoichiometry lab activity, chemical prices, ammonia, imidacloprid solubility, naphthalene, methanol, isooctanol, ketanserin, stoichiometry/labs, metformin, trichloromethane... The list goes on. At some point we may produce a page to point to detailed information on each of these. In the meantime, feel free to use our specialist search engines such as, pubchem etc and of course Chemspy's own internal search facilities.
  • Nice Web Site
    Chemspy was featured as a "Nice Web Site" this month by the Internet Resources Newsletter. "There's a great deal of information available through this site...All databases included in this service are free of charge and available without login". So, there you have it. Take a look at for all your chemical info needs.
  • Chemical Search
    We've upgraded the Chemspy chemical search page to purge obsolete search tools and to update the system. Give it a try, you can search for chemical prices, chemical companies, MSDS data sheets, chemistry journals, patents, dictionaries, acronyms, spectral data, physical properties, chemistry jobs, and more.
  • Chemistry Central
    A new Open Access chemistry portal launches today. We will be keeping a close eye on how the system progresses and keep you informed of updates as well announcing the imminent launch of the organisation's new chemistry journal. Read the press release and commentary from David Bradley in the Sciencebase scienc blog.
  • Chemistry World Newsfeed
    We're now running the RSC's Chemistry World newsfeed on the ChemSpy site, to provide you with the latest breaking news from this award-winning magazine.
  • 8 million PubChem entries
    According to Steve Heller, writing in CHMINF-L, the recent addition of chemical structures from Spain's Prous Science's Drugs of the Future database, and additional structures from the NIH-funded UC-SF ZINC project now means the open access PubChem chemical structures database containes almost 8 million unique chemical (7,995,841 at the time of posting). You can search PubChem direct from your favourite chemical database and search site right now, for free.
  • Chemical Literature Search
    Now you can search the full-text scientific literature from dozens of publishers courtesy of Google. We have embedded the appropriate tags on this test page. Enter your search term and hit Go. The results returned will filter out those you'd get from a normal web search and give you journal articles from each publisher site with the convenience of a single 100-entry search engine results page (SERP)
  • Periodic Table Game
    If you're called Frank, Nina, Tiberius, Asimov, Nicholas, or Hepburn, and you're a chemist, you're probably well aware that you can construct your name from periodic table element symbols, e.g. AsIMoV (arsenic, iodine, molybdenum, and vanadium), or if you're not that way inclined you may not have tried this periodic game with your monicker. Chemspy now presents a periodic table compliancy test for all visitors, c/o VIReN over at Check it out! It's fun and if you can't remember your own name, pick your favorite movie or pop star, or a well-known chemist! The periodic table name game featured in SEED magazine's Daily Zeitgeist on June 27th.
  • Chemistry Conferences
    Chemspy now brings you regularly updated listings of forthcoming chemistry conferences and meetings, chemical symposia, and industry trade shows and other events.
  • Chemspy Updates
    We've made a few changes to the site's front page, giving our what's new section it's own box, adding the free chemistry magazines portal, and running the chemistry blog headlines too. We've also adopted the new ChemRefer search standard for speedier searching of the open access chemical literature. We've also fixed some minor niggles such as the failure of our science events page to render, this has been repaired now. Visit soon and find out what's new in chemical searching!
  • KMT Simulator
    You'll need Java enabled to work this chemical machine, but visit to have a play with the Gas law Program. Basically, lots of little green dots bouncing around, move the sliders to change temperature, pressure and volume and find out what happens when you squeeze or heat a gas. It's an oldie but a goodie.
  • Molecular Formula Search
    A query on the site regarding whether it were possible to reverse engineer a high-resolution molecular weight to work out a likely molecule with that particular weight with no additional information sent me on a search for an appropriate tool. Thanks to Jonathan Goodman at the University of Cambridge I discovered that just such a tool does indeed exist. Now with Jonathan's permission we are enabling the tool on the ChemSpy site.
  • PubChem Growing
    PubChem is growing rapidly day by day according to the latest news out of NIH. Recently added are chemical structures and bioassay data from the Structural Genomics Consortium at Oxford, and bioassay data from the San Diego Center for Chemical Genomics. ChemSpy users can search all of this and more with just a couple of clicks using the Search PubChem applet.
  • ChemSpy on Your Website
    You can add a ChemSpy search box to your site that gives your visitors quick and easy access to a range of chemical searching tools, including,, chemfinder, NIST, and Google Scholar. Download the code now. Also available MSDS search box!
    Chemspy is proud to announce an updated search tool for the chemical industry. Visit the homepage enter your search terms in the Chemical Search box and click "ChemIndustry" to search this vast online resource quickly and easily. is also host to ChemWeb and David Bradley's excellent fortnightly chemical news column, The Alchemist.
  • Open Access Chemistry Toolbar
    Chemspy is proud to present the FREE ChemRefer Toolbar. This fast Internet Explorer add-in allows you to search all the available OpenAccess (OA) chemistry literature at the click of a mouse. You don't need know which sites are offering OA chemistry journals, just plugin in your keywords and search. Visit ChemSpy to download the ChemRefer Toolbar, and while you're there try out our other inline search engines - PubChem, ChemSpider, Google Scholar etc.
  • Elementalist News
    You can now read the latest news from the Sciencebase group of science websites on ChemSpy! Get chemistry news headlines straight from Reactive Reports, SpectroscopyNOW, PSIgate Spotlight, Sciencebase Science Blog and more.
  • PubChem Interview
    Award-winning British science writer David Bradley recently interviewed Steve Bryant for the chemistry webzine Reactive Reports (Issue 53, March 20, 2006). Bryant who is a Senior Investigator in the Computational Biology Branch of the National Center for Biotechnology Information at NIH revealed the inspiration and some of the ongoing developments in the PubChem database.
  • Useful Chemistry Blog
    Chemspy is now syndicating the Usefulchem Blog newsfeed. Follow the links to enter the chemistry forum where chemistry matters and questions of potentially global import are being answered.
  • ChemRefer Partners ChemSpy
    Chemrefer, the chemical search engine for the Open Access literature has joined forces with ChemSpy to bring you a quick and easy way to find the latest publications in the field of chemical sciences that are available with free access. Just visit the ChemSpy homepage tap in your query in the search box (bottom right) and hit ChemRefer. The ChemSpy search system also offers similary convenient access to ChemFinder, the NIST WebBook, Google Scholar, the ChemIndustry database, as well as ChemSpider. Don't forget to click the "Set Chemspy 2 Home" to be sure you have instant access to Chemspy from your browser.
  • Chemical Industry and Trade Publications
    ChemSpy is now offering readers access to a wide range of free subscriptions to quality trade and industry magazines, including Chemical Processing, LG*GC, Nature Methods, Small Times, Spectroscopy and many more. Pick and choose your free subscriptions by visiting ChemSpy now.
  • Download Spectroscopy Software Tutorial now offers a direct link and a little background information on the spectroscopy software tutorial WinTorg. Grab the latest version (v4.2) right now and get to grips with those spectral lines.
  • Chemspider
    Fed up with poor chemistry results from the search engines? then try Chemspider, you can now access this fast chemistry searching tool direct through and with the ChemSketch addon from ACD/Labs it's a simple matter to search from within your favorite drawing package too.
  • ACS Directory of Graduate Research
    The ACS is now offering its Directory of Graduate research - DGRweb - the most comprehensive source for information on chemical research and researchers at academic institutions in North America - on the web for FREE. You can find direct links to their faculty search and institution search forms via the site.
  • Chemical Industry News
    Akzo Nobel aims for China sales 1 billion usd by 2010, Forbes... BASF India to hike capacity... DuPont And Kronos Announce Settlement Of Patent Litigation... ...more from Chemical Industry News
  • Science Current Events now supports the SpectroscopyNOW science current events newsfeed, bringing you the latest information on the scientific conference circuit, including
  • Current Science Events now brings you current science events on a month by month basis with help from - worlwide conferences, scientific exhibutions, and trade shows. View this month's listings, next month's events, and the month after next via the site
  • Search PubChem users can now carry out text string searches of the massive Pubchem database of more than 5 million small molecules. Thanks to the PubChem team for permission to port the Pub Chem search form on
  • Chemical Searching offers a whole range of ways to search for MSDS, chemical information, and chemical databases on the web
  • Chemical Industry News offers regularly updated news headlines from the chemical industry, plastics industry, petrochemical (oil and gas) industry, engineering, biotech industry, metals industry, and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical Sciences Portal provides visitors with free access to a wide range of chemistry resources on the web including ChemDex, AskaChE, the EnviroLink Network and much more through the ChemSpy portal service.
  • Chemical Tutorials links you to comprehensive tutorials in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering - providing chemistry tutorials in thermochemistry, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, molecular visualization, organic chemistry, atomic structure and much more.
  • Download Chemistry Software offers visitors free chemistry software downloads including KinDis, Kinbat, and other free chemistry programs, coming soon...
  • MSDS Sheets
    MSDS (material safety data sheets) are available via the ChemSpy homepage. Search MSDS for information on materials potentially hazardous to health.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
    MSDS sheets are an essential part of any risk assessment exercise for students, educators, researchers, and basically anyone else working with chemicals and materials. We've added a specific search page to the Chemspy site to allow visitors to get to this crucial information easily and with minimum fuss. Just for the record, we've also fixed the stylesheet for this page!


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