Chemspy.com is the chemistry search, news and views and chemistry videos website of science journalist David Bradley. It is one in the family of websites that includes the general science news and views sites, sciencebase.com, the a technology site sciencetext.com and the science blog sciscoop.com, which accepts guest posts.

David Bradley Science Writer, is a freelance science journalist based in Cambridge, UK. You can view his resume/CV on Sciencebase.com

You might also be interested to know that in his spare time, David is a prolific photographer and a singer-songwriter guitarist – Songs, Snaps, Science.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mhmm…

    And where, pray tell are the databases? I have spent 30 mins trying to find the mass to formula calculator, or even to get any database searches to work. This seems to be nothing but an industry ad site.

    If your old pages are dead, I wish you’d take them down, and if you aren’t going to actually have tools and such available, I wish you wouldn’t advertise that you do.

    Carol Teater

  2. Many apologies Carol. I’ve been trying to rebuild the site these last few months so some of the old tools indeed no longer work but hopefully will again in the near future. This site makes very little money, certainly I don’t earn a minimum wage maintaining it, as what advertising there is just about covers hosting costs. I run it as a service to the community but while it’s in flux some features are not functional, I am trying to find the time to get things up and running as well as possible again but it’s not as if there’s a team of programmers. It’s just me.

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